Music, Money and Law


MUSIC, MONEY, AND LAW is a must-read for musicians, singers, composers, producers, managers, agents, lawyers, and anyone wanting to know more about the fundamentals of music law and business. This handy reference reviews important issues such as music industry contracts, how to protect your intellectual property, self-publishing and publishing deals, and how to form a band and turn it into a business.

Music Money and Law is published by Earthquake Press, a small boutique publishing house located in Oakland California. To contact Earthquake press click on the following:




Tara Macomber is an entertainment lawyer in private practice in San Francisco. Before becoming an attorney she spent fifteen years representing artists in managing, booking, tour managing, promotions, publicity, and production. Today, Tara counsels and represents a range of musicians, filmmakers, artists, and arts organizations in contract negotiations, intellectual property rights, business management, and more. In 2005 she formed Tree of Life, a nonprofit in Berkeley, California, which provides cultural education to schools and communities through the performing arts.

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